COLOMBIA’S SUPPLY S.A was founded in 2011, we are a well services company for support the oil and gas extraction, specialized in WIRELINE – SLICKLINE operations.​

 We look forward to give value to the Operators Companies and been different with a services advocation, engineering, operational excellence and state of the art technology  to increase oil and gas production.


We are an petroleum engineering and operations company that seeks to provide solutions and added value to our clients, differentiating ourselves with a vocation of service, operational excellence and technology.​


By the year 2020 we will be a model company, positioned and recognized in the Colombian oil industry market, for the quality of the services, the contributions to the increase in oil and gas production, the profitability of its financial results and respect for communities and the environment



We are Certified:

“Engineer and Operations Services in perforating, production logging in real time and memory (wireline and slickline) in Oil and Gas Wells. Tools and Equipment's rentals for well services” ​

  • Analysis and Support Engineer Services ​


  • Time Records Results, with technology and operative excellence.​


  •  The Client´s needs is our most important priority, helping him to increase the wells production.​


Andrea Garzón​

HSE profesional​

Experience: 4 years

Javier  León ​

Elctronic Eng.​

Experience: 9 years

Carlos A. Schoeps ​

Petroleum Engineer​

Experience: 21 years

Javier A. Vargas​

Petroleum Engineer​

Experience: 14 years

Jorge E. Chacín ​

Mechanical Eng.​

Experience: 20 years​

Cristhian Velandia​

Electronic Eng.​

Experience: 1 year​

Feiber Peña

Electronic Eng​

Experience: 8 years

Juan Manuel Calderon

Wireline Operador

Experience: 15 years

Nelson Moran

Petroleum Enginner

Experience: 9 years

Ivar A.  Rojas ​

Petroleum Engineer​

Experience: 24 years ​

Alejandro J Reyes ​

Civil Engineer​

Experience: 7 years ​

José Luis Marín​

 Mechanical Eng.​

Experience: 22 years ​

Mauricio Hurtado Rayo  ​

Electronic Eng.​

Experience: 5 years​

Juan P. Melo​

Wireline Operator​

Experience: 15 years

Manuel Mejia

Operatios Assistant

Experience: 10 years

Johana Oliveros


Experience: 5 years